© Julie Gry Sveistrup Kristensen

Mental Pump - 2012

Magazine illustration published in norwegian “Klatring”, issue 111.

Blueberries - 2012

Magazine illustration published in norwegian “Klatring”, issue 112.

Fair Trade - 2012

A visualization of “the positive project” to help “Fair trade designers” communicate the idea of their project.

The purpose of The Positive Project is to develop design solutions, that generate funds for AIDS medicine, and a perspective, for refuges in the Buduburam Refuge Camp.

ANSA - 2012

Cover illustration for “Association of Norwegian Students Abroad, ANSA” Magazine.

Natt - 2013

Magazine illustration published in norwegian “Klatring”.

Vera Vampier - 2014

One of 13 E-book illustrations in “Vera Vampier”, published by Tween-Books.

The book is available in english and danish online, among others on the iBook Store.

Belzebub - 2013

Illustration in the e-book prototype “Elefantfælden”, a part of my Bachelor thesis.

The subject of the thesis was the role of the illustrator in e-books. How can illustrations, animations and interaction-design contribute to a more appropriate story-telling in the e-book, aiding the child's comprehension of the content by taking advantage of the platforms communications potential?

Sound - 2013

Magazine illustration.

Strange Love- 2013

Brandts Collective Hacks HCA

A by-night event in the H.C. Andersen Museum, Odense.

The purpose of these illustrations were to offer the visitors of the museum an opportunity to engage in the story telling by drawing or writing on this ‘template’.

Sund på stoffer - 2014

One among a series of cover illustrations, published in Sund&Hed, journal of the medical faculty, University of Southern Denmark.