Now “kulturcenter – Mejeriet” is open, and my illustration are up on the walls as well. Get out there and have a look around, the exhibition will be open the next few weeks at least!


A Friend from the “Kunst og Design” School in Aarhus, Heidi, Who now lives in Norway has just asked me if I could contribute a drawing to an article in the Norwigen Klimbing Magazine “Klatring”. My first Magazine illustration might be on its way!


Some old friends and I have been renovating and cleaning the old Dairy outside of Odense which hopefully will turn into “Kulturcenter – Mejeriet” soon. First the theatre “Idioten” will be shown there, later there will be a art-week and the proper opening should follow this spring, sometime in April.


Finally the illustrations are ready at the exhibition in the theater of Odense after a little hike through town with a shopping trolley in the rain.

So far it has been a great experience, people have received my work well, been verry nice and shown lots of interest. Luckily I didn’t know before now that John Kørner will be exhibiting right after me. Knowing would have added to my nervousness while I was working on the drawings.

A big Thank you to Ellen for her help with setting up the pictures and making the exhibition happen in the first place!


A new school Project about my great grandmother is fully underway. I’ve taken a million pictures in her old country house for inspiration and talked with her for hours and hours about her childhood and growing up! It will be exiting to try to captivate those stories in illustrations.


My first cover page illustration in a magazine! In a few days (from october 15th) you can have a look at ANSA nytt, no. 3/2012, with the cover illustrated by me. You can find it on ansa.no. Make sure to check it out.


If you get hold of the largest Norwegian climbing magazines “Klatring” july/aug. edition, you can open on page 52 and see my illustration for the article featured on the cover as: “Er du en Belay-bitch?”

© of picture belongs to “Klatring”


“Klatring 111” went on sale today, with yet another one of my illustrations! See it in the collage section, or buy the newest release of Klatring if you are somewhere close to Norway! The title is “Mental Pump”.

The cover is shown to the left.

© Julie Gry Sveistrup Kristensen


In the latest edition of “Klatring” (no. 112) you can find my illustration of the article “It’s Complicated”.

You can see the illustration in the collage section with the title “Blueberries”.

The cover is shown to the left.

© of pictures belongs to “Klatring”


My first published e-book: Vera Vampier!

Two of 13 E-book illustrations in “Vera Vampier”, published by Tween-Books, can be seen to the left.

The book is available in english and danish online, among others on the iBook Store.


In the latest edition of “Sund&Hed” (16/02) you can find my illustration on the cover page.

The title of this issue is “SUND PÅ STOFFER” (healthy on drugs).


Another Cover illustration in “Sund&Hed” (16/01). The theme of this issue is faith and superstition.


In the latest edition of “Klatring” you can find my illustration “Natt”.

You can see the illustration in the collage section with the same title, or in the for sale section.


The collage’s seen to the left can be seen&modified at the H.C. andersen museum, odensen, Denmark in conection with the “Strange Love” event.

(Brandts Collective Hacks HCA)

The purpose of these illustrations were to offer the visitors of the museum an opportunity to engage in the story telling by drawing or writing on this ‘template’.


Cover illustration in “Sund&Hed”, the magazine for the Faculty of Health, University of Southern Denmark.

This issue (15/07) discusses “Wanderlust” among students, and how to travel abroad.


My Posters and postcards are at the moment in commission in the design shop t.i.n.g., in the town of Silkeborg. If you’re not stopping by Silkeborg anytime soon, you can also have a look in the for sale section!


I have defended my bachelor thesis on the role of illustration & animation in e-books. The collages on the left are 2 pages of a e-book prototype that i developed as part of the project. Maybe it will get published one day? You can read more about the project if you look for the pictures in the Collage section.


Finders Keepers in Copenhagen was wonderful! So many great people were interested in my posters. Secondly, it was inspiring to see all the great ideas and products other designers have  come up with!

Moreover my Blueberries poster was selected poster of the day on the very nice blog: Boligcious.dk

You can of course get Blueberries online, in the for sale section.


Together with 3 other, very talented, designers, I have founded the Studio “Vesterbro 13” in the danish city of Odense. I am extremly exited to start working together with them on a daily basis!

You can follow our doings on our facebook-site.

Note the great light in our facility.


It was great fun to meet people interested in my work at “Kulturmaskinens farvegårds” market in Odense.


Cover illustration in “Sund&Hed” (15/08). The title is “a fresh start”, and it is the new-years issue.